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Friday, October 21, 2011

Celebration of Life Birthday Party-Breast Cancer Awareness

Exactly one year ago today my mom went into surgery after being diagnosed with breast cancer.  We were very fortunate that it was found early and once she was out of surgery we were told she had stage 2 and her prognosis was very good.  Fast forward one year and six weeks worth of radiation and we are so grateful that my mom is in great health and is currently cancer free.  

The day before Thanksgiving almost 14 years ago, we unexpectedly and tragically lost my dad way too early at the age of 56 so when we got the news about my mom being sick, needless to say it shook us to the core.  I for one could not imagine having to go through that kind of loss again, not now when I feel my mom still has so much life to live and not while she plays such an active role in our lives and my son relies on her to be his grandma that always comes to visit and play with him.  So needless to say when we heard the awesome news shortly after my mom finished radiation last November that she was cancer free we knew exactly what to do this past March when her birthday rolled around.  We decided to secretly plan a surprise "Celebration of Life Birthday Party" for her so that we could not only celebrate having her in our lives for another year and many more to come, but also celebrate all that she had endured while battling cancer and then triumphed through.  

My mom loves birds and bird houses-in fact she has both as decor all throughout her home so the bird/birdhouse theme felt like a perfect match.  I haven't shared photos from her party yet even though her party was over 7 months ago, but today seemed like a perfect day since it marks a year from her surgery and because it is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  

These macaroons were just as delicious as  they were gorgeous and I custom ordered them from Sparkles Kitchen.  She was wonderful to work with and seriously these were to die for!  You can find her etsy shop here.

One of my mom's favorite candies are marshmallow Peeps-thank goodness her party was held near Easter time and blue Peeps were everywhere! I thought these were too cute not to add to her dessert table.

Another delicious dessert were these mouth watering red velvet cake truffles custom made by my friend Heather of Cake Bites.  We have had her truffles and cupcakes at a couple of events now and she never disappoints.  So, so divine!!  You can find her here.

The banner appropriately spelled out CELEBRATE

The party was at my younger brother's house and he unfortunately had just had a water leak that wasn't fully repaired yet so he asked me to come up with a way to cover the water damage.  
These seemed to do the trick!

I was so happy with how these adorable bird nest cupcakes turned out.  These too were made by Heather of Cake Bites .  She recently moved to Las Vegas...and I can tell you my parties just won't be the same without her little bites of heaven!

Oh and the cake!  I LOVED this ruffle cake that another one of my talented friends Carisia made.  It of course had to pink to not only represent the battle my mom fought and won, but also because it was so pretty!!  My cousin Terri spray painted the bird cage for me and we topped the cake off with a white bird to represent my mom.  If you are in the East Bay Area out here in California and are ever in need of a cake, send me a note and I will give you
Carisia's info-her cakes are awesome!

The very surprised and happy birthday girl!

The event was a beautiful night and I couldn't think of any better reason to throw a party!  We were able to completely surprise my mom as she walked in to her all-time favorite song "Celebration" playing in the background, surrounded by some of her closest family and friends.  

Dedicated to my mom who has proven once again that during the toughest of times she is a fighter!
Love you!

PS-The printables created for her party will be revised and available soon in my shop!


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Exciting News...I Have Joined the AWESOME Website and Team of DIVAS at The Dating

I first want to say that I AM SO SORRY for neglecting my blog.  I have wanted to sit down and start posting here so many times but 1) Up until a week ago I have not had a reliable computer that had internet connection so all of my internet correspondance has been via my iPhone and 2) I really wanted and still need to use my small window of free time I have each day to work on my designs and get my Lil' Buckaroo Designs shop current and up to date-which by the way is still not even close to that point...UGH!!
Anyway, I just needed to address my LACK of postings and THANK all of you who have supported me so far during this fun and exciting new journey in my life!!  THANK YOU!!

Okay, so I have been BEYOND excited and THRILLED these past few weeks because I have been lucky enough to join an AMAZING team of women  DIVAS on a FABULOUS website called The Dating Divas.

I am now designing for some of their FABULOUS, SUPER CUTE & FUN "Date your Spouse" ideas that they offer on their site.  They have been featured all over the place lately and even hold the titles of being voted one of the "Top 10 Marriage Blogs of 2010" and one of the "50 Best Relationship Blogs" of 2010.  Each DIVA is super talented and more importantly is really focused on working on her marriage daily.  Everyday they bring their readers fun and creative ways to keep the "spice and sizzle" alive in their marriage as well as SUPER FABULOUS ideas for dates and romance.  That's were I come in-whenever they need me, they now give me their idea and I create designs for them to help them bring the ideas and dates to life.  The best part is these printable designs are always available to print for FREE from their website.

Today, Corie, one of the Divas featured really cute St. Patrick's Day ideas that I named Our Love shamRocks.  I had so much fun working on the designs and I love all of Corie's ideas on how to use them. 

 You can check out the full post, see all the designs and download all of the free printables here.

Oh and by the way...........did I mention that The Dating Divas will be featured tomorrow on Utah's #1 morning show called "Good Things Utah" and they are using MY designs???!!!  Eeeekkkkkkkk.....I can't stand it!  I'm so excited!!!  I will for sure be posting the segment as soon as Good Things Utah posts it!!

And be sure tocheck back here soon (as in tomorrow)
because I am creating Our Love shamROCKS printables to match Corie's basket and gifts idea so that you can carry the theme throughout the whole day for your honey and have a super cute set up for a romantic dinner and dessert. 

I will be offering this St. Patty's day printable collection in my shop for
 50% off to all of you
 because you all shamROCK!!


Saturday, December 11, 2010

FEATURE: Lil' Buckaroo Designs is the Purple Pug Crush of the Day!

Christmas came early for me today in the way of being featured on one SPECTACULAR blog-The Purple Pug!!! 

Courtesy of

I seriously can't think of a better way to "make my spirits bright" today
 than finding out that today I am the

Kristy is the head pug over there and she is one talented lady!  I have never seen glitter look as good as it does than when Kristy uses it to make her sparkly, shiny and ADORABLE designs for children's parties and events. 
Go check them out for yourself, I promise you will LOVE her as much as I DO!!
And make sure why you are "visiting" her that you become a follower of her blog and a "liker" of her facebook page!

Thank you Kristy!!  XOXO


Sunday, December 5, 2010

NEW DESIGN: Mele Kalikimaka Cookie Exchange

Oh how I LOVE it when the stars align for me in the MOST perfect way!!  If I had to pick one place to live for the rest of my life it would be in Hawaii.  It is my absolute FAVORITE place to be in the whole wide world!
The last time I was there was for our friends' wedding in 2007-so I'm so ready to go back!!

So-I find it so perfectly fitting that tonight I just "so happened" to have completed and posted to my Etsy shop a 

designed especially for a friend of mine out in Hawaii, got a call from another friend earlier TODAY who asked me to create a label design for a private coffee roasting company based in non other than...HAWAII AND then TONIGHT we got a bang up deal to stay at our favorite resort on Maui at The Westin in HAWAII!!  The deal is so good we just locked into it and we have a year to go!  Now tell me...are the stars lined up for me to go back to paradise or what??  I think the word of the day is H-A-W-A-I-I
Sounds to me like there's no better time than now to get my butt back in shape because I am headed back to HAWAII!!  YIPPEE!!!

Oh and of course whether you are singing "Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas..." or "Mele Kalikimaka is the the thing to say on nice Hawaiian Christmas Day..." if you are planning to host any kind of holiday shindig-this new collection can be edited to work for any kind of get together not just a cookie exchange!

Click here to see full details on this collection and to place an order!

Aloha and Mele Kalikimaka!!!



Saturday, December 4, 2010

NEW DESIGN: Hot Pink and LOTS of Animal Prints = Sassy Designs for Gracie!

One of my BFF's Shannon has enlisted me to help her with her gorgeous daughter Gracie's upcoming 7th birthday party.  You have to love Ms. Grace Ella because she truly is a fashionista in her own right and apparently is quite the trend setter for the first graders too!  

 Isn't she ADORABLE??!!

I was so honored and happy that Shannon is entrusting me to create some custom printables for this party.  Grace decided she wants it to be a Glamour Spa Party and since she is my "client" I want to make sure I make her happy.  So, to go along with her party theme, she requested that I create designs that have hot pink and LOTS and LOTS of animal prints!!  This girl knows what she wants so I'm gonna give it to her!

Here is a little sneak peak of the design work I did....

Grace has seen this and the other designs I have made and thankfully she was very pleased because I always want a happy customer :)

I am so excited to see how this party turns out because Shannon has already been working very hard on it and she shared with me all of the AMAZING and CREATIVE plans she has for decorations and activities for the girls.

This is one Glamour Spa Party I don't think I want to miss!

 So here's to the Glamour Girl or umm...GUY in all of us!
- Aileen

Friday, December 3, 2010

HOLIDAY PHOTO CARDS: Just added some Holiday Photo Card designs to my shop!

So excited to introduce to you my FIRST set of Holiday Photo Card designs.

I hope you like them!
These all are now available for purchase in my shop on Etsy.  

Super simple too!  Once you have ordered a card design, just send me the photo you want to use and I will email you an electronic file (.jpg) of your customized card that you can print from home or upload to an online photo printer.  It's all about convenience these days, right?  

And if you don't like what you see, keep checking back because I still have a few more designs in my head that may turn into actual card designs soon :) 




PERSONAL: Super BELATED post....but Thanksgiving really passed? It's December ALREADY??!!

I seriously cannot believe we are TWENTY TWO days away from Christmas!  

All I can say is that is a little tough to swallow-at least for me- because I have BARELY started my Christmas shopping!  I LOVE this time of year now that I have Jake, but I am not a fan of the crazy madness that comes with it!  Oh's here so I might as well jump in and ENJOY!

So, I kinda feel a little stuck on Thanksgiving though because I had so many "great" plans to blog several posts last week about all of the things I am thankful for like...


-Jake's AMAZING gestational surrogate-

who I MISS DEARLY (she lives out-of-state) and LOVE so MUCH!

Without her I would not be a mommy and a family of THREE!  I will forever be GRATEFUL to her for the most AMAZING gift I could ever receive!


most recently I am THANKFUL and GRATEFUL not only for the AMAZING news that my mom was given a clean bill of health and was told she doesn't need chemo-PRAISE GOD - but also all of the quality time Jake and I were able to spend with her over this past month.

Picture was taken this past in August

I feel BLESSED for all of the daily BIG and small MIRACLES I have been a part of since becoming a mommy and sharing an awesome parenting partnership with my husband. 

HE is truly a one-of-a-kind TOP NOTCH role model to my son as an AWESOME, AWESOME daddy and husband.  We are so lucky!  And I am so GRATEFUL that he is so supportive of me staying home to raise Jake.

And of course I am so LUCKY and feel even more BLESSED to have so many supportive and positive friends and family in my life!
And to all of you...
 I appreciate all of you who take the time to check in to see what I've been up to! I appreciate EACH and EVERY one of you!  I am a lucky girl! 

And I hope all of YOU had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are also blessed with so much to be grateful for!


Happy Holidays!!!! 
(That SO does not sound right!)